Mother of a beautiful soul named Ava & trying to stay afloat.

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Bon Iver and hot showers while high are my cure for stress.

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anyone wanna donate some mulaa to help bail caitlin out? ahhhhh oh god, so last night was a complete fail </3 im sorry i didnt stay with you all night gurl but after i got out i texted your mother trying to convince her to pick you up in the morning <3 waaaa! call me right when you see this!! much love, talfiee [:

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dearest cat,

hehe i hacked on to yo tumblr [: i was just stopping by to say i love ya gurl and ill always be here for you<3 im proud to call you bestestest friend, we have had some crazy times together and i cant wait to experience more ridiculous adventures with you! this friday we are gonna go hard in the paint!! love ya<333 -talfie

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hay kitty